Welcome to The Weekend Jetsetter! My name is Anna Rice and I’m traveling the world on weekends.



Yes, you read that right: on weekends. Typically when I tell people this they are a mixture of impressed and skeptical. They also think I’m a bit nuts.

A few years ago, I fell in love with travel blogs. The life of a travel blogger seemed so glamorous: working from the beach in Thailand, partying at hostels all over Europe and hiking in Peru. The traveling full time thing seems pretty amazing, right?

But traveling full time isn’t for everyone.

First of all, not having a permanent home that I can come back to, dump the contents of my suitcase on the floor and ignore for two weeks between trips sounds pretty stressful. I’d have to have my things organized like, all the time.

Second I kinda like my job and the career that I’ve been working on for seven or so years (in tech PR and marketing). Quitting now seems silly! I’m also not ashamed to admit that I love the money I get in my real job paycheck every other week. I have a penchant for shoes, organic produce and taking Uber when it’s cold.

Oh, and of course I’m not looking to up and leave my family and friends forever. It’s nice being a drive/short flight/free domestic phone call away from the people I care about most.


Where I’ve Been

I’ve traveled to countries like Colombia and Norway and cities like Miami, Denver and San Antonio without taking any time off from work.

I sometimes also tack a vacation day or two on to a holiday weekend for a four- or five-day trip (those trips brought me to Iceland, Ecuador, France, Italy, San Francisco and Nashville).

Occasionally I even take a REAL vacation. Ten days in Morocco was pretty legit… and I definitely took advantage of the extra time when I visited Palawan in the Philippines, which basically takes an entire weekend’s worth of travel time to get to! I try to take a week-long vacation that doesn’t coincide with a holiday once a year – it’s a nice chance to disconnect.

When I’m not on the go, you’ll find me in Chicago, where I moved in 2016. I’m originally from Boston, where I lived most of my life, but from 2010 to early 2015 I called New York City home. Sometimes I miss it, but then I remember all those times I had to wait in a bouncer-controlled line to shop at Trader Joe’s, and the insane security queue at JFK airport.

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Happy weekend travels!

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