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12 Hours in Seoul, South Korea | Layover Tips

When I went to the Philippines a couple months ago, my ultra-cheap flight came with a 15-hour layover in Seoul, South Korea. At first I thought, no big deal. I can entertain myself for one day anywhere, right? But then I found out that Seoul is literally the best place one could ever schedule a long…

Island Hopping Tour in Port Barton, Palawan, the Philippines |

No WiFi, No Problem: Three Days in Port Barton, Palawan

A three hour drive from the city of Puerto Princesa, including one hour on a bumpy, unpaved road that you'll be driven down at top speed, is Port Barton. A laid back beach town, Port Barton makes up for what it lacks in amenities and WiFi with plenty of nearby islands to explore and hammocks…

Port Barton, a relaxing beach town in Palawan, the Philippines - voted "World's Best Island" by Conde Nast Traveler |

Palawan Vacation: 5 Days on the World’s #1 Island

Last month I took my first week-long vacation (6 whole days off IN A ROW) in two years. Even The Weekend Jetsetter takes a "real vacation" now and then! I spent 25+ hours each way traveling to Asia to visit the #1 island in the world: Palawan. Not only was it worth the jet lag and…