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5 Free Tools that Help You Save Money for Travel | The Weekend

5 Free Tools that Help You Save Money for Travel

There are a number of free tools that help you save money for travel by paying you for things you already do. I've always funded my travels with a combination of "travel hacking" and side jobs so that I don't have to live extremely frugally in my day-to-day life. But this year, I started pursuing my…

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Times Square, New York | Photo: MK Feeney/Flickr |

8 Tourist Traps that Don’t Live up to the Hype

Photo: MK Feeney/Flickr If you're a traveler, chances are that at some point you've spent time at tourist traps. What defines a "tourist trap?" To me, it's a "must-see" attraction that is rather underwhelming given the time, money, and hassle you must invest in seeing it. I don't think all major attractions are tourist traps. Some are…

How to Make Flight Cancellations & Missed Connections Fun!

Getting stuck on the runway for hours. Missing your connection. Having to cut a trip short. These are all a traveler's worst nightmare, but if you travel frequently enough, all bound to happen eventually. In fact, after a surprisingly long streak of luck, all three of these things happened to me last weekend. If you…