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How I Afford to Travel the World(1)

“How do you afford to travel so much?”

I take 20+ trips per year and over the past two years have visited 12 countries. So it makes sense that this is a question popping up in my inbox all too frequently. I’ve been asked quite a bit by my family and friends too!

Sadly, there’s no trust fund and I’m not making millions (yet!) – but there are a few tricks and tips I can offer for those looking to travel the world on a normal girl’s budget. I’ve pulled them all together in a FREE 22-page eBook that I’m giving away to subscribers of The Weekend Jetsetter. To receive your free copy of “How I Afford to Travel the World (…on a Normal Girl’s Budget),” just sign up below. Then, check your email to confirm your subscription and access the eBook download.

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