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8 Tourist Traps that Don’t Live up to the Hype

Photo: MK Feeney/Flickr If you're a traveler, chances are that at some point you've spent time at tourist traps. What defines a "tourist trap?" To me, it's a "must-see" attraction that is rather underwhelming given the time, money, and hassle you must invest in seeing it. I don't think all major attractions are tourist traps. Some are…

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Island Escape: 5 Reasons to Take a Weekend Trip to the Exumas

Last month I celebrated my birthday with a Bahamas weekend trip to the Exumas, a chain of beautiful cays and islands just an hour's flight from Miami. The Exumas are famous for the Swimming Pigs, which have been featured on TV show The Bachelor. But whether you want to get up close and personal with giant swine or…