Things to Do in Bologna: 72 Hours //

Things to Do in Bologna: How to Spend 72 Hours in Italy’s Foodie Capital

As is usually the case with my impromptu European adventures, I was inspired to visit Bologna after booking a great flight deal ($499 round trip) on AirBerlin from New York to Milan. Since I'd already been to Milan, I chose the nearby region of Emilia-Romagna because it's known for being Italy's premiere foodie destination, and…

48 Hours in Rome //

How 48 Hours in Rome Saved Me from Study Abroad Regret

I never studied abroad in college. Mainly it was because I spent a semester in New York City doing an unpaid internship, which cost an arm and a leg, leaving few pennies for months of frolicking around Europe. I also assumed that one day I'd live in another country slash be an international millionaire by…