Solo Female Travel in Marrakech, Morocco |

What to Pack for Morocco

One of the most popular pieces on The Weekend Jetsetter is my post about solo female travel in Marrakech, Morocco. And the most common thing I get follow up questions about? What to pack for Morocco, a country where conservative dress is the cultural norm, but the temperatures can be hot as heck. After visiting the country twice…

Solo Female Travel in Marrakech, Morocco |

Marrakech, Morocco: The Solo Female Travel Guide to a Weekend in the Red City

Solo female travel in Marrakech, Morocco might sound intimidating, but I think it's the ideal destination for three reasons: it's safe (violent crimes against tourists are rare in Morocco), the nightlife is either ridiculously expensive or nonexistent so you won't feel like you're missing something without friends to go out with, and the shopping is so fantastic,…