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Times Square, New York | Photo: MK Feeney/Flickr |

8 Tourist Traps that Don’t Live up to the Hype

Photo: MK Feeney/Flickr If you’re a traveler, chances are that at some point you’ve spent time at tourist traps. What defines a “tourist trap?” To me, it’s a “must-see” attraction that is rather underwhelming given the…

48 Hours in Amsterdam |

48 Hours in Amsterdam

When I pictured 48 hours in Amsterdam, visions of wild, drug-fueled bachelor parties (or “stag parties” as Europeans call them), danced in my head. But my actual first impression of Amsterdam? It’s ridiculous charming. From the crooked…

Solo Female Travel in Marrakech, Morocco |

What to Pack for Morocco

One of the most popular pieces on The Weekend Jetsetter is my post about solo female travel in Marrakech, Morocco. And the most common thing I get follow up questions about? What to pack for Morocco, a…