Weekend Finance: Quarterly Update on Travel Spending in April, May & June 2019


Welcome to Weekend Finance, a series peeling back the curtain on the finances behind The Weekend Jetsetter. It’s time for my second update of the year on quarterly spending. (Click here to read my Q1 recap).

Q2 was by far the toughest in terms of balancing work, school and travel. Nick and I had three sets of visitors while I was juggling a serious MBA course load. Safe to say, when we didn’t have people in town, I was slaving away at my laptop. Apparently, I’m not a natural at macroeconomics!

We didn’t leave the state at California at all during this three month period. Uncharacteristic, sure — but as you’ll see in my recap, I did plenty!

We celebrated our two year California-versary on June 5, and we still have so much left to explore.

By the Numbers: 2019 Trips (Q1 + Q2)

  • One-way Flights: 4 (including 2 for work)
  • Road Trips within California: 6
  • Nights Away from Home (Including Red-Eye Flights): 11
  • Nights in hotels, hostels, campsites or vacation rentals: 11
  • Foreign Countries: 1
  • US States & Territories Outside CA: 0
  • Total Spending on Flights, Gas, Car Rentals & Accommodations Year-to-Date: $2,171

How Much I Spent on Travel in Q2 2019: Month by Month Spending Breakdown


April started off with a bucket list item: staying in a tree house! For my 30th birthday, Nick surprised me with a getaway to a tree house in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I was SO EXCITED.

It was a relatively laid back weekend, but we managed to explore the nearby Big Basin Redwoods State Park and the Santa Cruz board walk. Since this was a gift, I spent $0 on the accommodations.

Later in the month, my cousin Carly and her husband Tim visited from Connecticut. We checked off another bucket list item: Yosemite National Park!

We hiked the Mist Trail, camped in Half Dome Village and saw the awe-inspiring Yosemite Falls. Our campsite was $80 per person and gas ran us around $50 each.

Total Travel Spending: $130


In May, my parents visited San Francisco for my younger sister Brooke’s graduation from medical school. After she was crowned doctor, we headed to the small town of Guerneville in Sonoma for a long weekend escape.

We visited local wineries, kayaked down the Russian River and dined at the trendy restaurants dotting Guerneville’s cute downtown.

Since Nick’s parents were planning a visit in June, we decided that we’d each pay for our respective family trips. Spitting our Airbnb with my parents cost $435, and I’ll estimate that we dropped $100 on gas.

Nick and I also booked a trip to Chicago in July to visit friends. It’s crazy that I haven’t been back in two years since moving to California! My flight was $370.

Total Travel Spending: $945


In June, Nick’s parents visited us and we took them on one of our favorite California road trips: Monterey and Big Sur. At this point I’ve driven Highway 1 so many times and on this trip, we made a new stop: the Hearst Castle. A blog guide to planning your Highway 1 road trip is underway!

Since it was Nick’s turn to foot the travel bill, I didn’t spend any money on our trip to Big Sur. But we did book a trip to Costa Rica for February 2020.

After using some Chase Rewards points earned from our Chase Sapphire Reserve credit cards, the flight was $297 per person. I’m excited to revisit Costa Rica — my last trip was in high school with my environmental science class 12 years ago!

Total Travel Spending: $297

Total Travel Spending in Q2: $1,372

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